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Network & Telephony Experts

Network & Telephony Services Bedfordshire

Local Network & Telephony Specialists Bedfordshire

Ensuring peak network and infrastructure performance is vital for your business. Slow operations, potential downtime, and data/service losses can result from performance issues, storage limitations, or security gaps.

Your network and infrastructure are your business's foundation. To excel and stay competitive, you need the right hardware, software, cabling, equipment, and power.

If these components falter, your business is at risk. At Techlink IT Ltd, our experts assist you in making informed decisions, tailored to your goals and size, enhancing your operations for your network and infrastructure needs.

Our Professional Network & Telephony Services Include:

  • Managed Print Services
  • Phone Systems
  • Business Connectivity
  • Server Solutions

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Professional Print Services Provider

Managed Print Services Bedfordshire

Numerous organisations find themselves lacking the time, resources, or specialised expertise required to effectively oversee their document production environment and ensure print security. Consequently, a substantial amount of both time and money can be squandered on managing devices and consumables, leading to an overall slowdown in business performance.

To address this challenge, many organisations are turning to Managed Print Services (MPS) as a crucial component of their document and print management strategy. But what exactly does MPS entail? In essence, it involves enlisting the services of an external provider to assume responsibility for the management of your print environment and related activities. The overarching objective is to implement a centralised approach that reduces unnecessary administrative burdens, minimises costs and enhances overall productivity.

Why You Should Consider Print Management Services

Techlink IT Ltd's Managed Print Solutions reduce document production costs and streamline workflows. You get cost-effective access to print management expertise and customisable service levels. Our Managed Print Service boosts efficiency from the moment you print, scan, or copy until document collection, distribution, or storage. Plus, it brings immediate cost savings.

We start with a thorough evaluation of your printing needs and expenses. Then, we work together to create an efficient strategy for daily printing and future needs, aligning our expertise with your workflow for maximum value.

Why Partner with us

Benefits of Our Print Management Services in Bedfordshire

The advantages you can expect from our Managed Print Services include:

Cost Reduction & Waste Minimisation

Leveraging advanced managed print service software, such as MFP-based (serverless) secure pull printing, allows for superior print control, reducing print volumes by up to 18% without impeding productivity. It also facilitates precise cost recovery and margin management, whether allocating expenses to internal cost centres or specific project codes.

Enhanced Productivity & Performance

We can assist you in discovering innovative approaches or optimising your existing processes and resources. Our latest MFPs deliver swift, dependable printing, user-friendly features and seamless integration with cloud applications and mobile devices. Moreover, we ensure prolonged employee productivity by swiftly resolving issues and automating consumable replenishment.

Information Security & Environmental Responsibility

Our services include advanced print security features that safeguard your information throughout its lifecycle, from creation and sharing to storage, shielding it against various threats. Additionally, we are committed to environmental responsibility, with sustainable practices integrated into our solutions.

Expert Phone System Providers

Phone Systems – Cost Effective Hosted Telephony Solutions Bedfordshire

Hosted Telephony, a variant of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), stands out as a highly efficient and cost-effective telephone system solution suitable for organisations of all sizes. Many of our clients, seeking comprehensive Business IT Solutions, have recently transitioned from traditional telephony to our Hosted Telecoms solution. They are drawn to its wide array of financial and technical advantages, recognising it as a way to future-proof their organisation.

Unlike conventional telephony systems, Hosted Telecoms reside in the Cloud, eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure. Users can access Hosted Telephone systems via standard IP handsets and/or mobile applications, enabling calls to be placed and received over an internet connection. These calls seamlessly connect to both desktop and mobile devices, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

Hosted Telephony Experts

Why make the switch to Hosted Telephony? – What are the Benefits?

Hosted telephony solutions offer a range of advantages, including:


VOIP telephony provides extensive handset compatibility options, spanning from smartphones and mobile devices to IP handsets and desktop applications.

Flexibility & Scalability

Setting up and configuring cloud telephony is remarkably straightforward, requiring nothing more than an Internet connection. Unlike traditional phone lines that limit mobility, cloud telephony empowers users to move freely, whether in the office or at home. Simply connect a handset and you're good to go. Furthermore, licenses can be effortlessly added or removed to align with your evolving business needs.

Predictable Costs

With hosted telephony, you don't need to worry about expensive hardware installations or maintenance expenses. Charges are billed on a per-month, per-user basis, allowing you to adjust services as needed.

Streamlined Remote Support

Say goodbye to the days of telephony engineers visiting your premises to address phone line issues. Cloud telephony support is administered through a remote helpdesk, where nearly all maintenance concerns can be resolved over the phone. This streamlined approach ensures quicker issue resolution and minimal disruption.

Microsoft 365 Experts

Microsoft 365 Business Voice – Another Cloud Option

Microsoft 365 Business Voice Bedfordshire
Microsoft 365 Business Voice represents an economical cloud-based phone system capable of supplanting traditional on-site PBX systems.

This solution is seamlessly integrated within Microsoft 365, allowing for voice calls to be initiated directly within Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Business Voice facilitates communication unification for organisations, providing a seamless integration within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, accessible from any device.

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Professional Business IT Providers

Business Connectivity Specialists Bedfordshire

As Business IT Solution experts, we prioritise your secure online network. We offer tailored connectivity solutions for reliability and security. Our consultants guide you, addressing current needs and planning for the future.

Transitioning to our network is seamless. We guarantee fast, reliable, and consistent connections without traffic shaping or bandwidth throttling

Fast & Reliable Business Broadband

For businesses seeking a balance between cost-efficiency and performance, especially when superfast internet is not a necessity, we offer a cost effective business broadband solution. Our ADSL service, delivered through conventional copper infrastructure, ensures reliable and business-grade connectivity.

Superfast Connectivity – Leased Lines

Providing exclusive and uncontested internet access, leased lines are the ideal choice for businesses that heavily depend on connectivity. Our fibre and wireless leased line offerings deliver superfast speeds by establishing private connections between different locations. With dedicated leased lines, your business can count on a guaranteed and dependable connection.

Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Our Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) service is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable and cost effective connection. FTTC offers improved speeds compared to traditional ADSL by utilising a blend of copper and fibre infrastructure, resulting in significantly enhanced upload and download speeds upon implementation.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP)

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) stands apart from Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) in that it leverages fibre optic cabling for the entire span between your business and the local internet exchange. This approach leads to a substantial boost in both speed and performance.


EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet) is a reliable Ethernet service tailored for businesses or locations where a leased line might not be the most cost-effective solution, yet a guaranteed bandwidth remains crucial. This service offers connectivity at the same speed as regular FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) but eliminates contention, ensuring that speeds are consistently guaranteed.

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM (Ethernet First Mile) is a dedicated connectivity service that ensures reliable and guaranteed speeds. It achieves this by initially utilising copper infrastructure for the "first mile" and then seamlessly transitioning to fibre for transit. This approach provides an uncontended and symmetrical solution for your connectivity needs.

SME Server Solution Specialists

Server Solutions Bedfordshire

Techlink IT Ltd offers an array of server solutions catering to SMEs in Bedfordshire and beyond. Investing in a small business server can prove transformative for growing enterprises. By consolidating a wide spectrum of IT functions, a small business server serves as a catalyst for heightened productivity, enhanced reliability and fortified data protection against cyber threats.

Our server offerings encompass a diverse range of devices perfectly tailored for small businesses. These servers effectively optimise performance across diverse applications. Additionally, they provide the flexibility needed to seamlessly expand computer and storage capacity as your business scales and adapts to evolving IT demands.

Benefit from Our Server Solutions in Bedfordshire

A server is a computing system that serves as a hub for storing, managing and facilitating access to data and services across a network. Servers are versatile and can collect, grant access to and oversee a wide range of resources, including files, email services, web content, multimedia content, applications, data backups and more. For small businesses, servers offer substantial IT advantages.

Key Benefits of Servers for Small Businesses:

Centralised Solution: Servers serve as an all-in-one solution for critical IT functions, simplifying operations and reducing complexity. They enable:

  • Streamlined email management
  • Consolidated internet connectivity
  • Development of internal websites
  • Monitoring of remote access
  • Support for mobile devices
  • Effortless file and printer sharing
  • Reliable data backup and restoration processes.

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